Don't Take My Baby

Don't Take My Baby

An emotionally intense psychological thriller in which the victims become the villains and the pursuit of justice lands everyone in trouble.

It is a sequel to Fraser Oz’s first book, The Portrait Painter, and again features Justin Gates (aka The Prophet of Houston) and his gift for seeing the future.

The action takes us from the skyscrapers of Houston to the beaches and hills of Southern Spain as a well intentioned plan goes wildly wrong, and keeps us in suspense until the last page.


Available in Kindle and Paperback editions

Cover art by Mara Lea Brown // Book Cover Design by Heather Bodlak


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“An unusual, well written original tale. A must-read novel with a difference!!”
Charles Hall
“I was hooked from the start by unexpected twists and turns.”
Dr. Thomas Terry
Professor Emeritus, UCONN
“A psychological novel which captures your attention to the very end.”
Joan Fallon

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