The Portrait Painter

by Fraser Oz

Mind-reading is dangerous.
Telling people what you see can prove fatal.

Available in Kindle and Paperback editions

Fraser Oz

About the Author

Fraser Oz is an English born author and artist who now lives in the United States. His high school years were spent at Sidcot School, a Quaker boarding school located in the beautiful Somerset hills. He progressed from there to Exeter University, also in England’s southwest, where he studied science, before moving on to Oxford University where he earned his BA and MA in theology.

Fraser’s early career was as a church pastor in rural England and then in the busy city of Coventry. His experience of helping people deal with life’s challenges shows through in the characters he creates for his novels.

After ten years in the ministry he made a career switch and joined a management consultancy in Manchester. He quickly developed an aptitude for business, helping clients to plan and finance the growth of their companies. His success in this field was profiled in major national newspapers, leading him to create his own company. Before long he was traveling repeatedly between the UK and the USA, helping American companies to do business in Europe.

Eventually, Fraser gave up the demands of constant travel and settled down in Houston, Texas, where he is now retired and living with his artist wife, Sara. He divides his time between writing novels, creating unusual works of photographic art (see and traveling to Europe.

Availabe in Kindle and Paperback editions.